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RaceDots Launch and Ongoing Promotions


Third most successful campaign launch on Indiegogo for a Sports product. Ongoing promotions and advertising, mostly through social media. Responsible for all product design, packaging design, logo design, shipping and operations, distribution and wholesale, advertising and social media. 2 patents, 4 trademarks.

1:20 Promo Video

2016 Photo Shoot


Explore More with Lindsay VW

Pitch video for a new employee retention campaign for VW dealer Lindsay Volkswagen. Lindsay wanted to retain more employees by offering incentives like guided adventures. Video was shot and edited in a 7-day window.

Rev7 Cycling – Redefining What An Indoor Cycling Class Should Be

Rev7Cycling brings much needed structure to the indoor cycling world. Similar to CrossFit, Rev7 uses periodization to realize true fitness gains for gym members. After extensive market research the entire identity package and supporting materials were developed to appeal to the broad demographic of gym members. Designed by 6x World Champion Chris Eatough.

Responsible For:
- Entire identity package including logo, stationery, website, App design, ad campaign and all promotional materials

- Hire and direct illustrator, scout video locations, direct video and still photo shoots, direct secure web construction, develop pitch to major gym chains, monthly digital newsletter and social media updates

- Write, shoot, direct and edit a multitude of video training and continuing education modules

- Business development from concept to a complete national rollout


Below is a 1 minute intro video.

Chasing Legends . First High Definition Feature Film About The Tour de France

Produced between 2009 and 2010 this groundbreaking feature-length documentary about the Tour de France won over 15 international awards including Best Director. For this self-funded juggernaut of a project, all aspects of the making, marketing and promotions became a complete reflection of my professional abilities.

Movie Poster:

Sold out O2 in London:

Responsible For:

- Concept, research, historic research including finding and interviewing the oldest surviving finisher of the Tour

- Design identity package for entire project including logo, movie poster,
DVD/BluRay packaging and menues, website, ad campaign and all
promotional materials

- Write, shoot, direct and edit 90m feature film. Oversee production in
8 countries, direct film crew, animation, soundtrack  post production,
sound design, color correction

- Direct promotions for international screening tour with premieres in Hollywood, San Francisco, Broadway, Washington DC and London (O2)

- Submissions to film festivals at which the movie has won over 15
International Awards

- Interviewing the most winning cyclist in history, Eddy Merckx as well as Hollywood legend Ben Stiller


DVD/BluRay menu designs:


A promotional interview with “The Daily Line” in Manhattan

Tongass . A Rare Glimpse Into America’s Rainforest

The Alaskan Wilderness League needed to maximize their budget for an awareness campaign containing both print and a 30 minute video. They were in need of new video assets for a multitude of projects and could not afford to hire an expensive production company and a print design shop, both of which require multiple people to accomplish multiple tasks.
Both transplants and natives were interviewed to tell the emotional story of America’s Rainforest and why it is important to protect and preserve the natural resources found there. Over the course of a 12-day shoot in the Tongass (the only remaining Temperate Rain Forest in the U.S) and with help from a hired guide, one key person per day was located and interviewed along with hours of high-quality, very descriptive b-roll which could have easily taken weeks to obtain considering footage included extensive coverage of clear-cut forests,
Alaskan Brown Bears, Timber Wolves, Sockeye Salmon, a mother Black Bear with cubs and Bald Eagles. Based on client input the interviews were written and directed once each subject made themselves available (many are off the grid and nearly impossible to reach).
Coming in under budget and on schedule, I delivered a 30m awareness video complete with branding designed using elements from the native culture found in the Tongass. The satisfied client was presented with everything they wanted including an itemized library of all the footage obtained.

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