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There is a special talent needed to blend together effectively an entertaining storyline, engaging visual elements as well as a musical score that adds equally to the overall experience. If I have done my job well, the work will reflect an ability to keep the attention of an audience for something as short as a 15 second commercial or a full 90 minute documentary. With 20 years of experience I have a rare combination of both corporate advertising and TV/documentary film production. I feel strongly that regardless of the challenge, I am able to bring a depth and breadth of experience, creative energy, and a strong commitment to collaboration with any creative team to produce marketing and brand awareness of the highest quality.











Since I first picked up a video camera in 1999 I have filmed and field produced in over 15 countries for clients ranging from NBC Sports and ESPN to National Geographic. I have a knack for accomplishing the impossible & doing it with passion and conviction that comes through in my work. I believe strongly in projects that show the courage of human spirit, tell the story of an underdog, or highlight the struggle of creating a better world amidst the chaos of a busy planet.

I have written, directed and edited three feature-length documentary films, all of which have won international awards. For each film I directed successful promotional campaigns including screenings in cities around the world. The promotional campaign for “Chasing Legends” produced sell-out premieres on Broadway, in Hollywood, CA and London where we sold out the O2 (largest HD theatre in Europe).















Below is a 4 minute reel of my work.

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