It’s one thing to be a well known actor who always plays the hero but it’s entirely another to be a Creative Director who has a flair for clean design, who can write effective copy and concept an entire ad campaign. Then toss in storyboarding, shooting and directing video with some savvy editing and post production skills. Don’t forget team management, encouragement and general herding of all cats involved. What do you get? Titles can be a form of typecasting so I will leave it up to you to determine my title: Creative Director, Editor, ENG Specialist, Field Producer, Art Director, Designer.

I am a dynamic person driven by creativity who looks for exceptional challenges in both my professional and personal life. I am very competitive and grew up with a farm-hand work ethic. I have applied my competitive spirit to learning, growing and listening so I can become highly effective at hearing what a client needs and then executing a creative, unique and effective communications message regardless if it be in Print, Web or Video. After all, we live in a world of multi-media, shouldn’t the creative expert working on your campaign have experience in all aspects of digital media?

Click this link for a copy of my resume.

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